White granite Natanz is one of the most use stones in the construction industry.
 The white granite of Natanz has several mines adjacent to each other.Each of which has distinct physical and technical differences.
Natanz white granite often has a good uniformity، And sometimes black spots called the so-called gland, and white scales on the white granite of Natanz.
The use of Natanz white granite stone in the facade of the building, the walls, the interior and exterior of the building as well as the floor of the courtyard, stairs and sidewalk are flamed.
 The other applications of white granite Natanz are in the form of a cobb in the landscaping.The white granite of Natanz is at Km. 5 of the Natanz road of Kashan.
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White Stone Natanz Granite Analysis

Desirable amountPorosityWater absorptionpushing resistanceSpecial WeightAbrasion resistance
MIN Petty 0.01 700 2.5 3
MAX 0.5 1 1900 3 6
White Natanz 0.43 0.29 1177 2.74 3
بازدید شده 2117 مورد


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